YAF4AJN -  Installation

External Requirements

  1. yaf4ajn.js needs Javascript 1.5 (available in all modern browsers like IE5+, Firefox 1+)
  2. The demo needs additionally a webserver (like Apache 1.2+) with PHP5+ & JSON encode/decode functionality


You can download YAF4AJN at SourceForge:

Demo-Installation using your own webserver

  1. Prepare your webserver fitting the requirements (install php5 module).
  2. Get the tarball and extract the got tar.gz-file
  3. Copy the complete directory 'teyade' to HTTP-ROOT of your webserver
  4. Open your browser and call http://YOURDOMAIN/teyade

Demo-Installation using XAMPP

  1. You can use the XAMPP (Crossplattform Apache MySQL PHP Perl) Package to install a local webserver. You'll find installers for Windows, Linux, MacOs and Solaris at http://www.xampp.org. Please follow the installation instructions described there.
  2. Copy the folder teyade into the Apache htdcos folder: Linux, usually /opt/lampp/htdocs. And Windows, usually: C:\xampp\htdcos
  3. Start your (xampp) Apache:
    • Linux, usually: /opt/lampp/lampp
    • Windows: Start the XAMPP Control Panel from your Start-Menu, from where you can start Apache by clicking the Start-button
  4. Open the url http://localhost/teyade/ in your favorite webbrowser

Get your own App running!

At first have a look at our demo to discover how yaf4ajn.js can empower your web-application. Then follow the pattern:

  1. Create your own Backend application delivering the requested json structure into which your own values are embedded
  2. Copy the files prototype.js and yaf4ajn.js into your own javascript directory.
  3. Generate your own frontend html page. Include prototype.js and yaf4ajn.js
  4. Link the delivered values and presenting tags using the rule: If the data-array of the json result contains Myvar => Myval, then identify the presenting tag as fecMyvar.
  5. Connect backend and frontend by configuring 'yaf4ajn'. (Read the README of the tarball ;-) )
  6. Call your own RIA